Art in Preschool

If you haven’t spent much time learning about process art then I just have to say… you are really missing out. Process art is all about inviting young children to explore different art materials, supplies, and processes. Over the years, I have tried all kinds of approaches to art and have landed squarely on process art being the very best approach to inspiring young artists.  

Discover all kinds of ways young children can explore art...

Recycled art in preschool

This recycled art activity was such a fun process! I don’t know about you, but coming across good quality cardboard isn’t cheap. Most of the time we use cardboard display

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Pressed flower art in pre-k

Bring flowers into art experiences in your classroom to create beautiful displays that ignite the senses! Our Pre-K class spent the week exploring, creating, and dissecting flowers. Exploring Flowers in

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Turning loose parts into art

Who would have thought that giving the students a basket full of loose parts would spark an artistic masterpiece. The preschool children have been learning about squares. Throughout the room

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Our little caterpillars

Our students love insects and really anything to do with being outside. We tapped into that interest by exploring caterpillars in our classroom! The discussion and the process… To go

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Caring for our world

In preschool we are always learning about taking care of our world but in celebration of Earth Day, I enjoy spending extra time talking about our world in greater detail. There

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