In the Classroom

Every classroom environment is unique and the things I share often are designed to work well in the spaces I have available to me. I have two primary spaces I set up for use: the indoor classroom and the outdoor classroom.


Both classrooms are fairly small in size so to make the most of each space, I have divided up the kinds of materials I provide in each space. As you read about my classrooms, I hope you will use the ideas I share not as a guide or a how-to set up your own classroom but as a source of inspiration for things you can do in your own classroom.

To see ideas I have shared for classroom set-up, classroom centers, or classroom management, click here: Classroom Set-Up

To see ideas I have shared for how to make your own items for the classroom click here: DIY in the Classroom

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  • nishank Posted July 23, 2018 6:12 am

    Great work. I love that kind of innovations

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