Reading and Writing

Before young children will find success in what is typically considered “real writing,” they need time to explore the writing process through fun experiences like salt box writing and other playful activities. Young children are still developing their fine motor skills so the strength and motor control isn’t aways on par with what it may seem like a child is ready to do. Let me encourage you to keep the writing process stress free so and be patient. As your child’s physical and cognitive development matures, so will your child’s writing skills and abilities.

Here are some examples of how we explore the writing process...

My favorite curriculum supplement for preschool

I always enjoy designing my own curriculum based on my student’s development, interests, and experiences I want to provide and I love how Scholastic’s magazines gives me a fabulous resource to share with my students and yet still allows room for us to take the concepts being presented in a way that makes sense or is interesting to us.

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