Circle Time

The tendency is to think that the main focus of circletime (or large group time) should be for giving instruction or for teaching. However, the real focus of circletime is to build a strong sense of community. 

Circletime is used to do routine activities like the “helper of the day,” games, music, movement, and story telling but along the way, it is important to mindful of how circletime is helping everyone get to know each other and work together to have a great experience.

Here are some examples of what circletime looks like...

Say goodbye to calendar time!

How you can be intentional using developmentally appropriate morning routines I know – calendar time is a tradition. It’s something you’ve probably always done. It’s something that you just never want

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Please pass the orange

With the winter days still around, it is nice to bring a little color into the classroom right now. This past week we have been exploring oranges and we definitely had

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It must be tummy time!

I want my group times to be all about building community and in my mind, building community is all about being close together, being engaged in the process, being aware of each other as needed, and making any necessary adjustments as we go along.

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Cotton ball clouds

We recently spent a few days exploring different types of weather.  We also focused a great deal on raindrops and clouds.  This simple activity that I would like to share

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Whooooo is missing?

Our children just love story book games!  We read a story during circle time and then often follow it up with some sort of learning activity or game.  We’ve played

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Lemon drop painting

Surely there is nothing that could brighten a cold winter day more than lemon drop painting. Come and see how we brightened our day with Lemon Drop Painting and more!

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