The key to coming up with great ideas for math in early childhood is to focus on mathematical thinking. What will get your child to using math in play? Whether your child is sorting different sizes or colors of flowers into vases or graphing a set of bottle caps, your child is building the skills to think and learn about mathematical concepts. 

Here are some ways we encourage mathematical thinking...

Good morning math!

Every morning when my students come to school, we jump right into a little loose parts good morning math! What started out as a simple way for the children to

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The number line game!

A great way to incorporate movement and practice memory recall with numbers! The number line is a very simple game that invites the children to use their whole bodies. As

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High five for hands!

I made up a little high five game on our clip boards for the children to try. My goal was to encourage the children to explore a little counting in the process and it worked out fabulously! Read all about it on my blog!

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Designing with Qtips on the math table

I love offering the children everyday, simple things, like Qtips, to design and create with. I always hope that by supplying the children common household products, they might even be inspired to try the activities at home.

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Dominoes on the tinker table

Dominoes are a wonderful tool for play and I have a collection of dominoes that I pull out every school year for the children to explore. On this particular day, the children spent time tinkering with dominoes on our tinker table…

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