I have a nice collection of holiday trinkets that I have built up over my years of teaching and these trinkets make wonderful loose parts for play and exploration around the classroom.

For this table, the Pre-K children were invited to try their hand at making their own graph and then sort the holiday trinkets on their graph.

Although we have done lots of graphing as a class, I hadn’t started the children on drawing their own graphs yet so before sending them off to the table, I introduced the graphing drawing process on a large sheet of paper on our easel and invited the children to stop by sometime throughout the day and add their own ideas to our community graph.

We had all kinds of beautiful graphs being drawn all morning long.

Not every graph was the same but every graph showed me that the children were beginning to get the idea.

And as the children drew their graphs, I stopped by and asked them to tell me about the graphing choices they had made.

It was a fabulous morning of holiday loose parts math!

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