The minute the children walked into the classroom, they headed straight to the jingle bell water play station. Let me begin by telling you that the children loved this water play experience but I made lots of mistakes in putting the station together.

I started out with what I thought was a good plan but I really should have known better. What do you suppose a bunch of jingle bells in a metal pan with plastic magnetic wands add up to? Well I will tell you that they add up to a very LOUD water play station. I mean you can’t even ask the children to play more quietly when their every move is going to clash against the metal pan.

But no worries. I figured once the children added some water to the pan, the noise level would drop and it did. The play was beautiful but this pan leaked. I should have know it wouldn’t hold water.

Because I was busy with other things, I didn’t notice the water leaking right away and the children didn’t seem to think it was a problem so the water not only flowed through the pan but it also flowed through the table I had the pan sitting on.

That is when Miss Lauren grabbed a towel and I went and grabbed a different tub to transfer the water and bells in so the children could continue their play.

This is what I should have set up the water play station with in the first place but I really liked that old pan and thought it would be a great idea. From that point on, the jingle bell water play station ran smoothly.

Don’t let my poor planning deter you from setting up your own jingle bell water play station because jingle bell water play really does rock! Oh and as you can see, my students added their own water to the tub. This ended up being quite the big experience in classroom setup skills, practical life skills and sensory play.

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