Snowball science and sensory play for preschool

If you happen to have snow on the ground or are expecting some anytime soon, then be sure to add snow science and sensory play to your plans! I think this is a must do!

Ms. Lauren had the children go outside with her to collect some snow and then bring it back into circletime. Talk about getting all the children to WANT to join you for circletime. Every circletime should be an experience that the children can actively participate in like this!

Step One of Snowball Science

Each of the children were invited to pick up some snow and try to make their own snowball with it. After making snowballs, the children were then invited to put a snowball inside a baggie with his or her name written on it. 

Snowball Science Step 2

While the children made snowballs, Ms. Lauren talked with the about how the snow feels and what happens when they hold it in their hand. Then she had the children take their baggie and tape it up on the window. What will happen to the snowball if we leave it in the window? That’s how science in preschool goes. Lots of open-ended questions, lots of discussion, and then taking action to explore and discover the answer to “what will happen?”

Snowball Science Step 3

The children were encouraged to stop by the window throughout the day to see what was happening to their snowball. What do you think happened? You got it – the snowballs were melting or turning into water. The bigger the snowball, the more water was left in the baggie for the children to see.  The important part of any science project is to encourage the children to go back and see and discuss the outcome. Don’t forget to do that part.

Snowball Sensory Play

Not only were the children encouraged to keep an eye on their snowballs, they were also given more time to explore at the table. No big plans here – just cold hands exploring the way snow feels when we touch and mold it.

Of course, the children also went outdoors for time to play in the snow, but bringing a little bit of snow inside gave Ms. Lauren and the children more time and opportunity to talk about the snow and to explore the properties of snow before and after it melts.

I know that there are many of you who don’t live where it snows. If this is you, then stay tuned for my next post on Instant Snow. It’s a pretty cool product that you can buy and almost get the full experience of exploring snow.

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Deborah J Stewart

Deborah J Stewart

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