<p>The development of fine motor skills is an important part of early learning. In our classroom, we are constantly seeking ways to promote fine motor skills through fun, playful, and interesting hands on activities! If you would like to learn more about Fine Motor Play then read this post: <a draggable=”false” href=”https://teachpreschool.org/2012/02/everyday-fine-motor-play-in-preschool-and-a-linky/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>Every Day Fine Motor Play!</a> You can learn more about how we promote fine motor skill development by reading through the titles listed below.</p>Three fun ways to brush, brush, brush the teeth!Read More Cotton ball color mixing!Read More Things we learn on a rainy day!Read More Let’s explore colorful glue in preschool!Read More Read and then press here!Read More Tracing letters, numbers, and shapes on the flannel boardRead More Simple child made discovery bottlesRead More 10 Wonderful ways to weaveRead More DIY rainbow loom musical instrumentsRead More Lock and key matching game for preschoolersRead More Fun with feathers and beadsRead More Simple sewing jarsRead More Building fine motor skills with cotton ball paintingRead More Building fine motor skills at the apple tree play dough tableRead More 15 Fabulous fingerplays and factsRead More Fun props for playdoughRead More One-inch sandbox playRead More Squeeze art: a beginner’s exploration of the world of artRead More Puffy paint sunflowersRead More Making rainbow fish puzzles in preschoolRead More The discovery of glueRead More The magic of tapeRead More Wonderful watermelonsRead More A pinteresting Earth day globe for preschoolersRead More Gummy worm scienceRead More The bloggers talk about fine motor skillsRead More National dental health month: Let’s brush our teeth!Read More Upside down, wacky weavingRead More We explored mitten weaving in preschoolRead More At play with mittens like the Three Little KittensRead More Lots of lidsRead More Lemon drops on the light tableRead More Valentine lacing cardsRead More Salt tray heart printing and writingRead More More fun with fixingRead More Wonderful weaving tool and process for preschoolRead More Torn paper strip sticky collageRead More Snowman sensory puzzleRead More Count a mouse story telling props and gameRead More Magical moving dotsRead More Exploring robots inside and outRead More Gumball fine motor skill playRead More More buttons, buttons, buttonsRead More Exploring the seeds of fall in preschoolRead More Nuts about acorns in preschool | Lois EhlertRead More Ants in the salt tray plus moreRead More Squeezable and colorful water playRead More Fine motor acorn playRead More Flower challenge | Fine motor flower funRead More DIY sewing frame for preschoolersRead More Everyday fine motor play in preschoolRead More Fine motor turkeys in preschoolRead More Teach Preschool in the news: Promoting prewriting skillsRead More Cutting flower stems in preschoolRead More A kitchen timer and a preschoolerRead More A bundle of fun with these crayons in preschoolRead More My busy book: sewingRead More Activities to promote development and Deborah in the NewsRead More Working on weaving in preschoolRead More Colorful fine motor play in preschoolRead More Playing with pompoms in preschoolRead More G is for Green grass cutting skills in preschoolRead More The value of scooping and pouring and counting candy corn in preschoolRead More G is for gumball counting in preschoolRead More Lacing up apples in preschoolRead More Folding paper in preschoolRead More Helping young children solve puzzles in preschoolRead More Tools to promote fine motor skills in preschoolRead More Preschoolers can make their own lines in preschoolRead More Preschoolers need opportunities to develop their cutting skillsRead More