Late in the school year, this preschool class began a simple process that led to reviewing colors but it actually turned out to be so much more.

On the Table

On the table, the children found good quality paper, red tape, and scissors. The instructions were simple. Cut pieces of red tape and stick them to your paper. For young children, the process of pulling out the tape, cutting off a strip, then sticking it to the paper is a huge challenge.

But these children were up to the challenge. Some of the children cut several pieces of tape while others chose to cut just one or two pieces. It was left up to each child how much time he or she wished to spend on the process.

A Simple but Natural Review of Color

While the children cut and stuck, the color word “red” was being reviewed. Not because the teacher repeated the word over and over again but because the process of working with the red tape naturally continued to promote discussion and draw their attention to the color.

It’s Just the Beginning

The color red was the beginning to a process that would take six weeks to complete and each step of the process reinforced a new color, creative design, decision-making, fine motor skills, measurement, spacial awareness, coordination and concentration.

Stay tuned as this story will continue!

Things to Consider

  1. When beginning a process that will be added to over time, you will want to choose a good sturdy canvas or heavy stock paper to work with.
  2. Not all scissors are the same. Choose scissors that really do cut and teach your students how to safely manage them.
  3. The children in this class were ages three and four so they are developing their cutting skills. Focusing on proper hand position right out of the gate can frustrate a child and make him or her lose interest. Instead, wait and gradually show the children how to hold their scissors over time.

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