A DIY drop box game that my students love!

A DIY drop box game that my students love!

DIY drop box game

I shared the sweetest, individual-sized, DIY drop box game on my Facebook page and decided it would be perfect for my preschool and prekindergarten age students if I could find a bigger box.

DIY Drop Box Game

It just so happened I had saved two long boxes over the summer. I can’t remember what actually came in the boxes but I knew that I should hold onto them. I love to use boxes like these for partner or group activities. All I needed to do was wait for a fun idea to come along and I would be all ready to go. The only scary part was cutting the holes in the boxes because once I cut those holes, there would be no going back to using the boxes for a different plan. I decided to go for it and it ended up being a very good decision.

DIY Box Game for Preschool and Prek

In one of our boxes I cut three holes straight down the middle. In the other box, I cut three holes diagonally across the box.  I wasn’t sure whether to cut one, three, or more holes but three worked perfectly for my students. I think more than three holes would have made the process too easy and one hole might have been a little too challenging.

DFIY Drop Box Game

These types of games are such a great way to promote working together as a team.  It took a few tries for some of my students to realize how to work together to make the ball head to one hole over another.

DIY Drop Box Game

A few of my students enjoyed giving the game a try on their own too!

DIY Drop Box Game

See our DIY Drop Box Game in action

I thought you might enjoy seeing this game in action so check out this video of my students playing our DIY Drop Box Game!

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  • Hayley Posted November 21, 2017 7:51 pm

    I think this idea is great! As a future preschool teacher, I think I will enjoy doing this with students in the future!

  • Beth Stauffer Posted July 19, 2018 5:47 pm

    My 2 1/2 year old grandson and I made one! I changed it up by first letting him drop different color paint in the box and rolling a golf ball all around and side to side. After paint dried we cut out holes and used tennis balls. We actually used a pizza box and taped the sides. He played with this all evening! We had so much fun!!

    • Deborah Stewart Posted July 24, 2018 10:02 pm

      I love it Beth! Thank you for sharing your success with me.

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