This DIY dot game is so simple to make and so fun to play!

Dot Game for Preschool and Prek


To Make this DIY Dot Game

Miss Kaylin dipped colorful lids in matching colors of paint and then painted circles on a sheet of white paper. Each lid in the basket had a matching circle on the paper (game board). Then Miss Kaylin added a spinner with red, blue, yellow, and green sticker dots. I have lots of folks ask where we get our clear spinners and so I have included a link to the spinners at the end of this post.

The Dot Game


To Play the DIY Dot Game

The objective of the game was to promote color recognition and color sorting .  The children took turns spinning the spinner then placing that color of lid on the matching circle. The children kept going until all of the circles had a matching colored lid on top. We called the lids “dots” because we had read “The Dot” by Peter Reynolds earlier in the morning and this game was an extension of our book.

A DIY Dot Game

Rules for Play

Like most of the DIY games we set out for the children to play, the dot game really had no rules. Instead, the children chose for themselves how to play the game and added their own objectives along the way. Some of the children rooted for getting to set out all the blue dots while others we more excited to fill up the board with all the dots. For the children, the concept of color sorting was secondary and the process of playing a game was of primary interest. For the teachers, the concept of color recognition and color sorting was primary and how they played the game was secondary. It was a perfect partnership of promoting a concept through a simple but interesting process of play.

A DIY Dot Game

As the children played the game, I noticed lots of conversation about color and taking turns. I also noticed that the children took their time playing the game which is always a plus in my book!

A DIY Dot Game

For those of you who spend time making games for young children, you know that not every game works out like you hope. I know we have our fair share of duds in the process of capturing student attention and keeping them engaged in the process but I am happy to report that this game did a great job of inviting our students to practice their social skills while promoting a little work in colors along the way!

A DIY Dot Game

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