Five apple games that are irresistible for preschool

Five apple games that are irresistible for preschool

These apple games are irresistible!

I considered sharing each of our five irresistible apple games for preschool as individual posts but decided that no one wants to wait a whole week to see them all so I have compiled them all up into one post for you.

Apple Game #1: Apples on Top

This game was inspired by our reading of the Dr. Seuss book, “Ten Apples on Top”.

The Invitation to Play

The game was set up on our math table using paper baskets with numbers on them and pretend apples.

How to Play

The children were invited to sort the apples on top of each numbered basket. The older children led the way for the younger children which made this game work quite well!

Apple Game #2: Apple Magnet Board

All around the classroom, the children found different ways to count, sort, and interact with our real and pretend apples including on our wall!

The Invitation to Play

This bulletin board was transformed into an apple tree game board for the week by adding magnets on the back of the red pompoms and on the tree.

How to play

The children were invited to pick the apples, fill the apple basket, count and sort, or add the apples back up on the apple tree. With every game, we try to leave room for the children to have choices in how they might want to play.

Apple Game #3: Build an Apple Tree

This game mixed in a little bit of construction along with identifying the parts of an apple tree.

The Invitation to Play

We added DIY drawing dice which is simply a small block of wood that we drew parts of an apple tree on with permanent markers; real sticks that the children had previously collected from our play yard; and red, green, yellow felt apples and leaves.

How to Play

To play the game, the children were invited to roll the dice and add whatever piece of the apple tree came up on top. It might be a stem, leaf, or apple that rolls up on top.

Apple Game #4: Apple Seed Counting Game

For this apple game, we cut out construction paper apples; set out small beads for apple seeds; and added DIY counting dice.

The Invitation to Play

If you haven’t noticed the trend yet, you will see that each game we prepare is set out in such a way that it invites the children to come and play. If a game needs a little guidance, we explain the need-to-know information about the game before the children head off to explore the tables or centers we have set out that day. Once the children begin their play, we step back and let them make up their own rules for play.

How to Play

To play this apple game, the children rolled the dice and added that number of seeds to their apples. They can keep on rolling and adding seeds as long as they stay interested in doing so. Some of the children added LOTS of seeds while others added a few then moved on to do something else.

Apple Game #5: Apple Sorting Game

This apple game was of particular interest to the younger students in our classroom as it had an interesting fine motor component and tool they wanted to explore. In case you are not aware, our students are a mixed age group of ages three to five.

The Invitation to Play

The trees were made by gluing construction paper tree top cutouts to tissue boxes. To hide the manufacturer’s designs that come on the tissue boxes, our teacher simply took the tissue boxes apart at the glued seams and then refolded them inside out and taped them back up so no more design was showing on the outside of the box. I thought that was brilliant! Once the trees were ready – red, yellow, and green pompoms were added for apples along with wooden tongs for play.

How to Play

To play this apple game, the children were invited to sort the “apples” into the “apple trees” by color using the wooden tongs.

That will do it for today and I hope you enjoyed our five irresistible apple games! If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below and I would love to hear about any apple games your students have been enjoying lately!

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  • Vicki Posted October 17, 2017 5:15 pm

    I want to thank you for so generously and graciously sharing all of your truly interdisciplinary and delightfully playful activities. I have taught for decades too, and yet each post shows me something new that I want to share with the children. A thousand thank-you’s for your love and understanding of children and your stunning ingenuity. Keep those ideas coming! I’ll be pleased to pass them on to the children whose company I keep in the classroom.

    • Deborah Stewart Posted October 17, 2017 5:20 pm

      Thank you so much Vicki! It is such a pleasure to share ideas and connect with others like you!

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