Personalized art portfolios are a great way to document student growth and involve your children in the process!

Our students have loved using dot dabbers, so that’s what we used to decorate their portfolios! We started our morning off by reading “Dot” by Patricia Intriago. At the table, I set out blank portfolios. We use the expanding manila folders to hold the art made by each student. I also added dot dabbers, a favorite art tool in our class! I made sure to choose a tool that I knew my students were familiar with.

Preschool Portfolios

Designing their Art Portfolios

I encouraged each child to cover their entire portfolio in dots. I also encouraged them to use at least two colors! They spent the morning making beautiful dot creations on their portfolios.

Personalizing their Portfolios

While the students worked on designing their folders, I neatly wrote each child’s name on a sentence strip.

I was impressed at how diligently each child worked on their folder. They all were very specific in the colors they chose. Some wanted to do more than one color and of course that was okay with me!

I had the portfolios dry overnight. The next day, I  used our trusty clear tape to adhere the names to each child’s folder. Here is the final result!

Documenting their Learning

Now, we have a folder to collect artwork, sample writings, and photos from each child over the school year. Many of the art pieces will be used in our art gallery at our annual End of the Year Celebration this coming spring.


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