Each year, we collect apples from an apple tree near where I live. Some of the apples have already fallen off the tree while others we pick off the tree. None of the apples are edible really but they make the perfect apples for discussion, science, and other types of play and exploration like washing up apples in the water table.

We put the best apples from our collection at the water table along with a few scrub brushes. I always find it so interesting to see what else the children will come up with. This little one put some serious time into organizing the apples while she scrubbed them very clean.

And before long, the children added more tools to the water table like spoons, bowls, and pitchers. We keep a shelf with tools for play that the children can use anytime at the water table.

While the children play, they transform into different roles. Sometimes they are mommies and daddies while other times they are scientists or chefs in the kitchen…

Their play doesn’t always make sense to the observing adult but if you look closely you will see that through their play and exploration, they are discovering that apples bob on top of the water or that the more apples you put into a cup or bowl, the more the water will overflow. It is often all about trial and error which leads to new understanding about their world and simple scientific discoveries.

The children play both as a community and as individuals. Each child is exploring in his or her own way but at the same time enjoying spending time with his or her peers. They watch each other, learn from each other, inspire each other, and talk with each other.

Did our apple water play look like you would have expected it to? Leave me a comment with your thoughts in the comment section below! Tell me about your experiences with water play or leave me your questions about ours!

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