Are you ready to build a snowman? Then let’s get started with one of the best ways to build an indoor snowman. Let’s build a loose parts snowman!

To get started, you will want to collect some loose parts that may typically or may not typically go on a snowman. That is part of the fun of a loose parts snowman. Anything goes!

Collecting your snowman loose parts…

I found a set of carrots at the Dollar tree and set them out with colorful glass stones, different colors and sizes of lids, small sticks, pipe cleaners, and a few other odds and ends. 

Have a good assortment of loose parts to choose from and plenty of each type so each of your students can fully explore the creative process. The children won’t take these home. This process is meant to spark their creative thinking but if you have a child who wants to take one home, consider taking a photo of his or her finished snowman and send that home instead.

For the snowman bodies, we set out paper plates and large white tub lids. The children then went to work arranging the loose parts on the plates to build their own snowman anyway they wished. 

Inspiring Creative Thinking

To inspire your little snowman builders, start out by choosing a great snowman book to read to your students. One of my favorite snowman books that is filled with loose parts is “Snowballs” by Lois Ehlert. You just can’t go wrong with this book. It is filled with wonderful photos of all different snowman built out of loose parts. A great book for discussion and inspiration.

Have I got your brain twirling yet with ideas?

I sure hope so. Loose parts are wonderfully open-ended which gives young children the chance to take full ownership and leadership in their creative endeavors. Loose parts can get their little minds twirling with ideas too.

This is what it looks like after a morning of creating loose parts snowmen in our classroom. It is wonderfully cluttered and creative!