Making memory books in Pre-K

Memory books are a wonderful keepsake that your students will treasure!

My students made the sweetest Memory Books and I wish I could have shared them earlier but time just got away. The children began their memory books a few weeks before our last full day of school. I purchased hard bound blank books but I think any kind of blank book would work just as well.

Personalizing their Memory Books

The children started by painting just the cover of their blank books with watercolor paints then we set them aside to dry.

A few days later, the children then glued a photo of their own self on the cover of their book…

Adding to their Books

And then they glued a photo of each child in the class inside each page of their book.

Sharing with Friends

The next week, and on our very last day of school, each child was given his or her book and invited to let the other children find the page with their picture and either draw a picture or sign their name. The only rule was that “you can’t draw on the pictures or draw silly in someone else’s book because every book is special.” The children were SOOOO excited about their books and so thoughtful about the process, that I probably didn’t need to make any rules but just in case.

Personal Reflections

Oh, I almost forgot to say that we had been talking about memories all through the morning before we started signing our books. We had a “memory stone” that the children passed around the circle and as they each got a turn to hold the stone, they shared something that they remembered about their year in Pre-K.

Some of their memories were sweet, some were silly, and some had nothing to do with Pre-K! But we loved sharing and listening to each other’s memories no matter where they came from.

A fun and Meaningful Process!

After sharing our memories, the children were off to play in centers and to sign each other’s memory books.

I was worried that the children would get tired of signing their names or decide that it wasn’t fun but I didn’t need to worry. The children spent all morning signing names, sharing photos, and laughing and talking to each other about their photos.

It was actually quite incredible watching the children take their time to write their names over and over again without complaint! It was just pure joy all around.

I also worried that the children wouldn’t understand the process of signing the books but once again, I didn’t need to worry. They totally got it!

A Wonderful Keepsake

The children took their books home at the end of the day and were so excited to share them with the parents too. The only thing I forgot to do was sign the books myself! Hey – come to think of it – nobody asked me to sign their book. Ha!

Aren’t these books just amazing? I think they are and these children are, too!

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