In preschool we are always learning about taking care of our world but in celebration of Earth Day, I enjoy spending extra time talking about our world in greater detail.

There are so many ways to explore Earth Day in the classroom and I often have a difficult time deciding where to begin. As I share more about Earth Day this week, you will see me hopping from one idea to another but the important thing to note is that I usually begin with talking about the world, then move on to the natural things in our world, then how to care for our world, and the concept of recycling. Much of it depends on what the children seem to really stay interested in through out the week.

The book, “Care for our World,” by Karen S. Robbins is a lovely illustrated book about animals around the world and our role in caring for the animals and plants.

As we talked about the earth, we went on to explore what the earth looks like and is made of. Then the children went off to make their own crepe paper earth. At the art table, the children found blue and green crepe paper, scissors, and cups of water.

The process was simple to do. The children began by drawing a circle around a paper plate.

Then the children measured and cut different lengths of crepe paper then dipped their strips into the water.

They placed the wet strips on their paper circle until they covered their “worlds” as much as they liked.

The wet strips stuck to the paper easily. After it all dried, most of the strips came off but some stayed on. The wet strips dyed the paper the same colors so either way, the children had their world to keep and take home. Simple to do!

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