If you are looking for some fun, creative, and interesting ways to celebrate Earth Day with your students, take a look through the things we have done in our preschool!

1.  Recycle some water bottles and turn them into Earth Day discovery bottles.

2. Enjoy a little creative water exploration by making a Crepe Paper Earth.

3. Get children moving with this Around the World Earth Day game.

4. Lead the children through a simple Recycle Sorting activity.

5.  Invite the children to stir up some Nature Paint.

6. Make a trashy collage.

7. Rescue the fish with this Earth Day fishing game.

8. Give the earth a little spin with this Paper Plate Easy Spin Art.

9. Try your hand at a little pour painting with these Earth Day Pour Painted Rocks.

10. Upcycle those water bottles into beautiful and simple to make water bottle collages.

Stay tuned for more earth day ideas coming to you from our preschoolers right here on the Teach Preschool blog!