If you haven’t ever used a tree as an easel, then let me show you why you might want to consider giving it a try.

Yesterday, I wrote about how the children explored their very own trees. As a part of their exploration, I invited the children to paint on their trees.

Outdoor Inspiration

Although the children could have actually painted on their trees, I decided for this exercise to have the children use the tree as their easel instead and then look at and around their tree for some artistic inspiration.

Preparing the Process

Each child chose a tree of their very own then taped a sheet of paper to their tree. We had to go back around and add a staple to the piece of paper to keep it on the tree as the tape just wouldn’t stick well enough.

On the classroom table, the children found paint pallets (cut from cardboard), paint brushes, and paint colors.

The children added colors of paint to their paint pallets and went off to paint on the tree easels.

Getting in their Flow

While the children painted, they suddenly became very quiet.

You could feel the warm breeze, hear the birds and see each child quietly and peacefully working on their paintings. It was really something else.

One thing that really stood out was that the children who do not typically choose to paint our regular easels absolutely loved painting on their tree easels.

It was amazing the difference in how much time and thought each child spent on their paintings.

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