Fun Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

We have some fun Earth Day activities for you to try in your home or classroom.

Earth Day is almost here and we are excited to share some wonderful hands-on ways to explore, investigate and create with young children. Even preschoolers can learn the importance of recycling, gardening, conserving, repurposing, and other ways to help care for our planet, and Earth Day is the perfect time to start!

Grow a garden together

Growing a garden is a great way for children to learn about their food and where it comes from. Different textures and scents found in a garden offer a wonderful sensory experience as well. We love these gardening tips and ways to get started from Kids Activity Blog.

Connect with nature

For the ultimate sensory experience, enjoy a walk in nature! Make a short list of things to do or be on the lookout for along the way such as smell a flower, draw a picture of a bug, roll down a hill, and find a special rock. You can get creative by adding even more of your own fun ideas to the outdoor experience! Kids love connecting with the sights, smells, and sounds of nature on an outdoor nature walk.

Design a bird feeder

We love these bird feeder ideas from Run Wild My Child. Not only are they fun to make, but they are also are eco-friendly and will decompose over time protecting our planet Earth. The kids will enjoy the process of making their one-of-a-kind bird feeders and the birds will be happy, too!

Create with recyclables

Earth Day is a great time to discuss recycling and what better way to introduce this than with a fun painting activity using recycled materials! Start saving those egg cartons, lids, bubble wrap, packaging materials, cardboard and more to be used in creative art experiences. Check out this fun process art experience from Meri Cherry using recycled materials and have fun giving this a try in your home or classroom, too!

Make a bug hotel

Using a recycled bottle and some sticks, pinecones, and other objects found on a nature walk or in your own backyard, children can make a bug hotel for critters to enjoy! Learn more about this fun activity from Red Ted Art.

Enjoy a special snack

We just love this Earth Day inspired snack idea from The Imagination Tree. These special treats are equal parts adorable and practical… and they look incredibly delicious! What could be better? Well, it does get better because, after enjoying your snack, you can repurpose your terracotta pot by painting and decorating the outside, and later planting flowers of your choice on the inside. What a fun way to celebrate the occasion together with the special little ones in your life!

Have fun celebrating together

These are just a few of our favorite ways to celebrate Earth Day! We hope you will also find creative ways to connect with nature and your kids through fun and meaningful experiences.

For more Earth Day activities be sure to check out these links…

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Deborah J Stewart

Deborah J Stewart

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