Looking for a fun Earth Day activity? Engage the senses with an Earth Day discovery bottle!

We made these beautiful Earth day discovery bottles (also called glitter globes) earlier in the school year but I saved the photos to share with you during our Earth day unit. And besides, as you know, it doesn’t have to be Earth Day to celebrate the earth…

Preparing the Materials

To make the Earth day discovery bottles (or glitter globes), we gathered:

  • One empty water bottle per child (a baby food jar would work too)
  • Silver glitter (fine glitter really works best)
  • Plastic yellow gems (stars)
  • Plastic blue beads (earth)
  • Small pitchers of water
  • Blue food color

The bottles we used are called Aqua Pod water bottles which you can view here too!

The How-to

The children began by adding their own glitter to their bottles…

Adding their fillers

Then the children added one blue bead and one yellow star gem…

Adding a colorful effect

And next, the children added water to their bottles and a few drops of blue food color…

A wonderful sensory experience

Once all the ingredients were added, the children added the lid to the bottle on top which the teachers hot glued in place later on…

Happy Earth Day!

Thank you to Mrs. Lois, one of our really cool grandmas, for planning this activity for us! We hope you have a wonderful Earth Day!

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