Our students love insects and really anything to do with being outside. We tapped into that interest by exploring caterpillars in our classroom!

The discussion and the process…

To go along with this activity we read “Ten Little Caterpillars” by Bill Martin Jr.. This book prompted some great discussion among the students. Do all caterpillars look the same? What is different about them? What patterns do you see? Are all caterpillars colorful? Then, I had the students pick one jumbo popsicle stick and a handful of pom poms. I didn’t give them a specific number to count out, I just told them to make sure they had enough to finish their caterpillar! I left the book on the table for a little design inspiration!

Then, once they had all their pom poms selected and in the order they desired, I instructed them to glue the pom poms to their popsicle stick! Because we used washable glue, some of the students needed assistance getting their pom poms to stick. But in the end we had eight very unique caterpillars!

The reflection…

If I’m being honest, I was surprised at how engaged the students were with this process! They loved being able to explore the different colors and texture of the pom poms.  They also absolutely love using those little squeeze bottles. We use them for paint or glue around the classroom!

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