You can’t go wrong with a game of tic-tac-toe! Our students love bringing anything game related into the classroom.

Not only is tic-tac-toe a crowd favorite around here, it’s also easy to teach and learn! Just like any other game we introduce, our students incorporated a little bit of their own rules.

Making the Game

Making the game is very simple and cost effective. The board being on a slice of wood brings a great natural element to any classroom! A summer or two ago, there was a tree that needed cut down in Mrs. Stewart’s yard. If you’ve seen our outdoor play scape before, you know that we reused a lot of that cut up tree for stools and tables! Once the friendly tree man reached the skinnier sections of the log, we asked if he could cut slimmer slices.

We’ve used the wooden platters for many things in our outdoor classroom! One day I took a sharpie and a ruler and drew my tic tac toe board right on the wood. For the game pieces you can use any loose parts you have laying around. We’ve used rocks, shells, bottle caps, buttons, you name it! For this particular go around I used a pack of wooden chips which you can find at most craft stores. I labeled a set of x’s and a set of o’s. Then, I took some liquid watercolor and colored each set! Let them dry a little and….voila! You now have your own DIY tic tac toe board!

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