Who would have thought that giving the students a basket full of loose parts would spark an artistic masterpiece.

The preschool children have been learning about squares. Throughout the room the children found different centers set up with activities involving squares. From reading the “Perfect Square” by Michael Hall, to cutting up our own squares and making our own creations out of them.

The process the children spent the most time on, was a loose parts mosaic activity. The students were lining up at the table waiting to give it a try.

What is a loose parts mosaic?

Loose parts are odds and ends things that the students can bring from home or objects we find outside while exploring. Loose parts can be anything from bottle caps, applesauce lids, rocks, sticks, pompoms, etc. So for our activity we set out a basket of loose parts along with a set of boxes that were different shapes. We set out a square, oval, heart and a star. The objective of the activity was to line the bottom of the boxes with the different loose parts and create their own mosaic with the different shapes, colors and and other loose parts objects.

It absolutely blew my mind how creative the students got with these. What caught my attention was how intentional the students were with their creations. The different patterns they chose and being persistent in finding what fit where, really reminded me how bright these children really are. They loved getting to create a mosaic, show us what they made, then dumping it out and making a whole new different creation! The entire time you could see the gears in their heads turning.

More to grow on!

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