Bring flowers into art experiences in your classroom to create beautiful displays that ignite the senses!

Our Pre-K class spent the week exploring, creating, and dissecting flowers.

Exploring Flowers in the Classroom

After reading, ‘Rose’s Garden’ by Peter Reynolds, flowers really caught the children’s and my attention. We used magnifying glasses and tweezers to look at flowers up close, we placed them in water to discover whether they would float or sink, and finally we created flower pressed frames with bouquets displayed on the table. This project gave the children the chance to take a closer look at the stems, leaves, and petals of a flower plus it made some beautiful art for the classroom’s bare walls. 

I didn’t end up snapping pictures of the prep process unfortunately, but luckily this activity is super simple.

Preparing the Materials

You’ll need:

  • cardboard
  • scissors
  • clear tape
  • exacto knife
  • various flowers

I started with large pieces of cardboard I cut to size. I’d say each frame is about an 8×10 give or take. I then used a sharpie to draw a smaller rectangle inside the cardboard. I used an exacto knife to cut the smaller rectangle out from the cardboard which creates your frame. 

Once all of my frames were made, I took clear packing tape and taped one side of the frames. This creates a sticky side which the children can place their flowers on.

Designing their Flower Art

The children used the flowers we provided in many different ways. Many simply picked off petals and arranged them on the sticky surface while a few children made a flower with their petals. 

Displaying their Beautiful Creations

After the children were finished with their frame, I taped the back that was exposed and hung them above their cubbies. I love that their art is starting to fill up the classroom. One bare wall covered, a few more to go!

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