Rainy day inspiration in preschool

Thanks to a rainy day, we were inspired…

We had our whole day planned out. From the book we read to each activity we set out on the tables, but our day went a little differently than we initially intended. Miss Lauren and I had planned to talk about dots. A majority of the day revolved around our original plans, but about halfway through our school day, a thunderstorm came through. Some of our students got extremely nervous so we sat them all down and started talking about storms to help calm their concerns.

Sharing a Personal Story

I started out by sitting down on the floor with the students and sharing my own story about how I used to be scared of storms when I was their age. I told them all about how my grandma taught me how to be brave during storms and we all showed our muscles and put on our big brave faces.

Experimenting with Rain Science

They wanted to read books and kept asking questions about it and because of that  it inspired the idea of tossing together an old favorite idea called clouds in a jar. All you need is a clear jar, shaving cream and liquid water color paint.

You fill the jar about 3/4 of the way full of water and then on the top, you spray the shaving cream. Then allow the students to use droppers and drop the liquid water color paint on the top of the shaving cream and it eventually starts to seep down into the water! As it hits the water, it starts to fall down to the bottom and it looks like a rain shower.

Joining in their Excitement

The excitement on their faces when the “rain” started falling is what makes being a teacher worth it. I love seeing them discover and explore new things and literally watching their curiosities come to life!

More to grow on;

To read more about this idea, click on Clouds in a Jar!

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About the Author:

Hello Everyone, my name is Ally Frazier! This is my first year working with Deborah and Lauren and I am beyond excited to begin my journey here. I help Deborah run our super busy Teach Preschool social media platforms as well as teach with Miss Lauren in the preschool classroom.


  1. Emry Quinn September 30, 2018 at 7:25 am - Reply

    Loved the raint day project we defibately will try it! Another book we love is “ Cloudette” if u get the one with thecasette it has soundeffects! We love this book for rainy days!!

  2. Tora Augusta October 21, 2018 at 10:10 pm - Reply

    Thank you for your great idea , The weather is getting colder , wetter and teachers need activities to keep children busy. I like the way you calm their fear of the weather by telling a story about your self, when you where a child then the could relate and that lead to questions after questions they had and you answered. What an awesome activity, I know it was so much fun and took their minds of the bad weather also they learned something awesome about you.

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