Our Preschool class explored the science behind clouds through this engaging sensory process!

The Book and the Activity

Miss Kaylin introduced clouds by reading “Cloudette” by Tom Lichtenheld. You could also read “Little Cloud” by Eric Carle! Both are favorites in our classroom. There were many cloud related centers set up that day, but the most exciting one to me was the cloud sensory center. As you can see from the photo above, each child had a choice of how they were going to pick up their dry cotton ball – which were clouds in this case. They could also use the droppers to add their “rain”.

Once the moisture was added to the cloud, they could squeeze the water out to simulate rain! With all the options they had, most students chose to use their hands for everything. Using their fingers to squeeze the clouds still helps exercise the muscles in their hands!

Overall, this was a very interesting experience for the Preschool class. They loved the hands on exploration of this science process.


After you try this project, your students can play in the rain like ours did!


Links to grow on…

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Clouds in jars and on the table top too!

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