Your students will love the simple joys of discovering spectacular things!

We read a book this week that inspired us to hunt for our own spectacular things.

Expanding on a Book

This past week we read “Sam and Dave Dig a Hole” by Mac Barnett. Following the book, the children were invited to explore “spectacular things” all around the classroom. Remember the construction truck sensory? I added a handful of those same Dollar Store jewels to the sensory bin. The favorite center of the day, however, was this simple sand activity.

Spectacular things

Setting up an Invitation to Explore

The students loved this invitation to explore! I used two large, white trays for the base. I then added smaller trays on each side. I made sure to label each tray with the word observe. Then, I gathered a paint brush, a magnifying glass, and a set of tweezers for each spot. I laid down a handful of red jewels and covered them in a light layer of sand.

Spectacular things

Making Discoveries

I made sure to demonstrate to the students how they can use their brush to gently brush away the sand to uncover the jewels. Some students chose to use their hands to pick up the jewels while others used the tweezers. The children spent the entire morning doing brushing, counting, and exploring their spectacular things! I love how fascinated the children were by this process.

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