Everything in this new book is now on my to do list!

If you haven’t heard me say this before, then let me tell you now. I LOVE process art, especially for the early childhood classroom.

One of my biggest Ah-ha moments last year from the Discover Conference on process art was how amazing process art is for the early childhood classroom. Everything about process art just works. It is simple to prepare, it captures the interest and attention of young children, and leads to the most beautiful, child- led artwork.

I am extremely excited to bring to you a wonderful new book written by Jean Van’t Hul who is the remarkable blogger behind the Artful Parent blog.

As I thumbed through the pages of Jean’s beautifully illustrated book, I was immediately inspired once again to make this year another year filled with process art.

Miss Lauren and I wanted to choose at least one idea from Jean’s book to share with you today but let me tell you, there were so many great ideas that I couldn’t decide. Miss Lauren had to decide for me so she chose to try Jean’s version of Splat Painting. Miss Lauren loved how Jean simplified the process so it was totally doable in a classroom environment.

Splat Painting

Miss Lauren chose the “Splat Painting” activity from The Artful Parent which was super simple to set up. Jean outlines all the supplies you will need in her book and then explains how to do the activity. All you need for splat painting is a tray, a white piece of paper, a few bowls of slightly diluted liquid watercolor, some cotton balls, and a spoon!

Simply take the cotton balls and place them in the colors that you want to use. You could use the spoon to fish the saturated cotton balls out of the liquid watercolor, or your fingers!

Place your cotton balls on the paper, flip the spoon over and then give the cotton balls a good tap. Splat! You now have beautiful splatters of color on your paper! Now how fun is that? I can tell you that my youngest and my oldest preschoolers (and grandchildren) would love this process.

Get Your Copy of the Artful Parent today!

Jean’s book is available now and you should seriously go grab you a copy now. She covers all the bases from the benefits of process art to how to plan for process art, making space for process art along with fabulous process art ideas all throughout the rest of the book.

Where to get the Artful Parent book

To take your art time to the next level this next school year, go and get your copy of the Artful Parent book today. Click on the photo below and it will take you to Jean’s book on Amazon …

PS. I was not paid to write this review. However, Jean did send me a copy of the book, which I was so happy to receive, so that I could review it and if I loved it, share it with you! ALSO I am an affiliate marketer of Amazon. 

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Deborah J Stewart

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