The book “Chalk” by Bill Thompson is a great addition to any classroom library.

It’s a book that inspires imagination within the students and the teacher. We love reading this book to our class when the weather is nice, but sometimes the weather doesn’t always cooperate!

Starting Our Day

Mrs. Stewart began the day by reading “Chalk” during circle time. For those of you who haven’t read this book before, it has no words! It takes you on what we like to call a “picture walk.” Books with no words like this are great for allowing the children to use their imaginations. It forces them to look at the pictures and use the pictures to tell the story. These types of books are also useful in facilitating conversation.

Following Up

Following the book, Mrs. Stewart brought the children to the tables and encouraged them to re-create the story on a large sheet of white paper. As you can see, this activity was much more about the process than the final outcome. This process art activity allowed the children to take the vision of their drawings and put it on paper!

Going Outside

As I mentioned earlier, the weather was less than cooperative for taking this activity outside. However, Mrs. Stewart was determined to go outside! Mrs. Stewart gave her students a bucket of chalk and encouraged them to retell the story again.

The best part about this experience is that the students actually believed their chalk drawings would come to life! One little girl ask “Why isn’t the chalk working, Mrs. Stewart?” To say their imaginations had been captured would be an understatement.

Along with their drawings, Mrs. Stewart began a game of hop-scotch!

All in all, this is a simple activity that leads to so much use of the child’s imagination!

Things to Consider

  • Remember, this is all about tapping into the child’s imagination, utilizing a book with no words is super helpful!
  • Don’t let weather discourage you from taking this activity outside! Unless, of course, it’s severe weather 🙂
  • Make it fun! This is completely about the process, don’t stress on having a certain outcome or finished product!

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