When I first came across Meri Cherry’s blog, I was blown away with how she approached art!

And now, I am excited to introduce to you Meri’s new book, “Play-Make-Create A Process-Art Handbook“. Her book is filled with all kinds of amazing ideas to keep your little busy at the art table all year long.

Miss Lauren picked one idea from her book to show you so keep scrolling down to check it out.

Cotton Swab Oil-Painting

If you haven’t tried cotton swab oil painting with your children, you must! Meri outlines everything you need to set up this art process in your home or classroom. Setting the activity up was fairly simple. All you need are some oil pastels, a piece of paper (the sturdier the better, suggests Meri), cotton swabs and some oil!

To do this process, just take your oil pastels and create whatever you’d like on the paper. Then, pick up a clean cotton swab and saturate one end in oil. Take the oil-soaked cotton swab and apply oil all over the area you applied the oil pastel. The oil will cause the pastels to turn into a creamy, paint-like texture. Such a fun process to explore!

Below are some samples of what the process looks like in Meri Cherry’s new book. One thing I love about the book is all the pictures.

Grab Your Copy

Meri Cherry’s new book is available on Amazon now so hop over and grab your own copy! You will love it!