Up-cycle your Valentine’s Day chocolate box

Go out and treat your self to a box of chocolates but be sure to save the box!

More than a box

The valentine box is more than just a box it is also an experience.

The chocolate dividers inside the valentine box can be used for a little sensory play, patterning, and a sorting game!

Don’t forget the big heart that comes in most valentine boxes. This big heart makes a great canvas for painting or decorating.

Just flip the heart over to the side without any print and decorate it!

And that fabulous shiny red paper that the box is all wrapped in should be saved too.

The shiny paper tears easily and can be used to make a wonderful collage on clear contact paper!

And what can you do with the chocolates that are in the box? Well, you can eat them or the children can try a little taste testing! Let the children predict what will be in each chocolate morsel and then take a bite!

Now, I have given you every excuse to buy yourself a box of chocolates so go ahead and treat yourself – do it for the sake of quality early childhood education!

See how you can make this wonderful chocolate play dough for another fabulous idea to use a valentine box for!

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