DIY valentine boxes and cards for preschool

Valentine’s Day can be pricey, so we tried making our own valentines!

This is a really cool and simple valentine box and matching valentine cards you can make with your preschooler.

How to begin

Start off with a sheet of poster board and fold it in half – long edge to long edge.

Now open it back up and fold the long edges into the center leaving four creases lengthwise in your board.

Now fold the poster board into thirds from the short edge.

When you open the poster board back up, you will have 12 squares made by all your folds.

Now you need to take a pair of scissors and cut on each folded line that runs along your long edge of the poster board – stopping when you get to the middle folded lines.

Cut all the folded lines on both sides of the long edges of the poster board.

I want you to know that describing the above process was a lot more difficult than actually just doing it! Now you are ready to fold your box.

Just bend all your flaps and folds around and you will see the box start to take shape. Tape each side so it will stay in place but you will see one gap in the top of your box – that is for children to drop valentine mail in so don’t tape that part.

Time to decorate

You can now invite your child to decorate the box. You can either unfold the box and decorate it first – or decorate it after you have folded it. I tried it both ways – it just depends on how you plan to decorate it.

If you decorate before it is folded up, then just decorate all the way down the center and straight across one of the flaps on each side of the folded center. The box below was decorated with construction paper squares and glue to represent my favorite book, Elmer the Elephant!

After the box is decorated as desired, then fold it back up and tape the edges in place. The box below was decorated with watered down glue and tissue paper hearts.

I tried a number of other ways to decorate the boxes too. This box was decorated with heart-shaped cookie cutters dipped in paint.

And this box was decorated with red shiny paper I saved from my valentine chocolate boxes.

And for every valentine box I made, I also created matching valentine cards! A very designer looking package in the end.

You can personalize each box based on your child’s interests.

I hope I explained this well enough for you but if you have any questions just drop me a note below…

I am linking this post up with Kid’s Get Crafty over at Red Ted’s Art Blog!


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