As a kid, I used to love getting those little boxes of conversation heart candy and reading all of the cute messages. Do you remember those?

As a teacher, I love to read those conversation heart messages with my students. They always get a kick (and sometimes slightly embarrassed) as I read what the hearts say. Their responses crack me up. Those little messages are a great way to introduce today’s book and activity. The book, “Heartprints” by P.K. Hallinan is a super sweet book that goes perfect with inviting the children to share kind messages with one another.

After reading a few candy conversation hearts to the children and reading the book with the children, I invite the children to take a clip board of hearts and fill them up by having conversations with each other. The instructions are pretty simple: Every time you say something kind to someone else in the classroom, you can color in a heart. 

All throughout the morning, the children spend time in play and along the way, they stop and think about saying something kind so that they can begin filling in their conversation hearts on the clipboards.

Some of the children get a little impatient with this process and just start coloring in all of their hearts while others take the process “to heart” and genuinely make the effort to say something kind before they fill in a heart. Either way, the clipboard is a subtle reminder all throughout the day to say something kind.

Say something kind

We can all use a little something to help us remember to say something kind throughout the day. My students did an amazing job not only thinking about their kindness conversations but also putting those fine motor skills to work coloring in all those hearts in the process.

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