Rainbows are all the buzz when it comes to my classroom during March.

On any given day, I come across all kinds of rainbows and they are absolutely beautiful! As a tradition in my classroom, I love to invite my students to work together to create a large group handprint rainbow too.

I have used different materials from large sheets of butcher paper to squares of white paper taped together to make our large group rainbow but this time, I decided to use a large piece of fabric. There was a risk, however, that the paint would go through the fabric and get on the wall so I made sure to use washable tempera paint just in case.

Getting Started

After reading a story about rainbows, the children were invited to begin the process of making their own rainbow. Ahead of time, I drew six lines with colored markers on the fabric so the children would be able to see where to aim their handprint during the process.

Inviting the Children

The children were invited to choose the color they wanted to add to the rainbow and then paint their hand. From painting their own hands to making the prints on the fabric, the goal was to give the children the freedom to create their rainbows all by themselves.

Blending Colors

Throughout the morning, the children continued to add handprints to the rainbow. Did some of the colors start to get mixed up? Yes they did! Did I worry about that? I started to and then I realized that as the colors started blending together, that it more truly resembled how the colors of a real rainbow blend together.

It’s Beautiful

I love projects that invite the children to work together, as a community, to create something beautiful like a rainbow. And I must say that I think the children created a stunning rainbow! I loved walking into the classroom everyday and seeing it on our classroom wall.

The tools we used to create this rainbow included:

  • A large piece of fabric
  • Colors of Liquid Tempera Paint
  • Paint Brushes
  • Paper Plates
  • And 14 little hands

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