Valentine’s day is right around the corner.

Our Pre-K class got a jump start on it by exploring hearts. We began by reading the simple children’s book titled, “The Day it Rained Hearts” by Felicia Bond.

After reading the book, the children then got busy making these fun 3D paper heart collages.

How to make your own heart collages

To make these hearts, the children started by folding a strip of paper in half to make the point of the heart.

Then, the children opened the folded strip of paper and rolled each end of the paper towards the folded line in the middle.

Once the ends of the strips were curled inward, the children loosened up the curls a bit and then glued the sides of the hearts down on a black sheet of construction paper.

Some of the children explored the 3D process a bit by gluing strips of paper in a variety of ways on their black sheet of construction paper.

The curling of the paper strips took some practice for the children but once they tried a few, they got the hang of it.

Understanding the process

This isn’t the kind of project you just throw out there and expect the children to understand what to do. I had to walk the children through the steps the first time but once they saw the process, they were then able to complete the process in their own way.

The bright colored hearts on the black construction paper looked lovely in our classroom. Once the children got the hang of things, they really enjoyed the process and took their time creating some beautiful 3D heart collages.

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