You might be thinking, “How on earth can you race on a rainbow?” Well, let me tell you how we cracked the code!

Following the long winters here, we always have plenty of motivation for ways to add to our time outdoors! Notice how I said “add to”? We love that we have such a large area for outdoor play and we believe in using what is naturally available for observation and exploration. But, we also don’t mind adding a few things of our own from time to time to enhance the overall learning experience! A few weeks ago, Mrs. Stewart put together this amazing rainbow inspired obstacle course!

Here is how we put this obstacle course together…

The beauty of obstacle courses is that you can make them using whatever materials you have available and you can also make them however you want! Don’t have logs to rest the pool noodles on? No problem! You can rest them on the ground in a line and they will function just the same. The parts for this are very simple and can be found at most local stores. The only tricky thing to find was the yard stakes we used to hold up the arched noodles. Add some cones, fluffy white pillows for clouds, a timer and you’re set!

Here is how the children ended up using the obstacle course…

At the beginning of our morning, we showed the children how to run through the “rainbow”. But, as most things go around here, they came up with their own way of doing things. Some children chose to run through the course alone, some chose to make it a race, some weaved instead of crawled, and some even chose to run through with Mrs. Stewart herself!

No matter how the children chose to run through our rainbow that morning, they all walked away with happy faces.

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