Fly with us into Father’s Day

Fly with us into Father’s Day

This year for our annual Father’s Day celebration, we decided to discuss planes!

This was inspired by one students particular interest in making paper airplanes – which gradually led to the whole class wanting an airplane. We didn’t just stop at paper planes. We picked up quite a few goodies at the trusty dollar store on our way to get supplies. We had kites, these spiral doo-dads, and a few giant plane kits!

fathers day


Our students are always so excited when their parents have the opportunity to come and spend the morning with them. Especially their dads! We always make sure to have a few activities for the children and dads to work on together. That’s exactly what we did with the paper airplane and kite assembly station!

fathers day

Being that the kites were from the dollar store, and it wasn’t a particularly windy day, they didn’t fly so well! But, I don’t think the children seemed to mind and the dads gave it their best shot!

Outside, the children were also able to build larger, foam model airplanes with their dads.

fathers day

Everyone took turns to see who could throw their plane the farthest and, surprisingly, most of the throws went very far! The foam planes ended up taking some serious damage, but that wasn’t anything a few pieces of tape couldn’t fix.

fathers day

Father’s Day is always such a special time around here. What will you plan to do to celebrate Father’s Day this year?

To read more about the obstacle course we put together for our Father’s Day celebration click here!


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  • Flyingkids Posted June 18, 2018 6:32 am

    This is such a cool idea for celebrating Father’s Day! Every dad deserves to be treated special this day.

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