Butterflies all around the classroom

Spring is my favorite time of the time of year.  Everything awakens and returns to life!  Trees begin begin to bloom as the grass slowly turns to green.  Birds return with their familiar song.  And butterflies emerge.  Spring is a wonderful time to explore butterflies and their life cycles!  Today I am sharing some great ways to learn about butterflies all around the classroom…

Butterflies around the classroom by Teach Preschool

Read It!

We like to begin our day with circle time and a good book.  One of our favorite books to read about the butterfly life cycle is “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle…

The very Hungry Caterpillar and Activity | Teach Preschool

Sing It!

We like to include in our circle time a song or fingerplay.  This is a fun action song by Deborah to get your children moving!

Look at the Butterflies
Oh, look at the butterflies in the sky.
Spread their wings and start to fly.
I’ll sneak up close and try to catch,
One little butterfly in my net!
(Repeat changing the number to two, three, four, and five)
Dr. Jean also shares some fun butterfly lifecycle songs and fingerplays!  You can find them by clicking over to Dr. Jean‘s Music .

Create It!

Art is a fun way to explore a new concept!  There is so much inspiration available for creating caterpillars and butterflies that I had a difficult time narrowing down what I would share with you today.  I love these “Very Hungry Caterpillar” inspired tissue paper caterpillars

The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Activity | Teach Preschool

And these colorful caterpillars are great for learning about circles…

Our beautiful butterfly foldover paintings  are a super way to explore butterfly markings and the concept of symmetry…

Beautiful butterfly fold-overs by Teach Preschool

Act it Out!

We have a small puppet theater in our classroom that our children play with everyday.  I think that they would just love to create their very own hungry caterpillar puppet like this one from Classified Mom

Butterflies around the classroom by Teach Preschool

Dress it Up

I don’t know of a child that doesn’t enjoy dress up or role play.  Fun at Home with Kids let her daughter help create her very own dress up set with  these gorgeous DIY cardboard butterfly wings

Butterflies around the classroom by Teach Preschool

Grow It

Racheous Lovable Learning shares her family’s experience of growing a monarch butterfly from a chrysalis.  We are planning on ordering a butterfly kit for our classroom this year and Rachel’s experience has me really excited to share this process with our class!  Read about Rachel’s post on learning about butterfly life cycles

Butterflies around the classroom by Teach Preschool

Write It!

Maureen over at Strongstart has also shared her class’ experience growing caterpillars.  They documented their findings in journals.  She also shares many other great extension activities. Read more on how to journal the experience

Butterflies around the classroom by Teach Preschool

Feel It!

Sensory play is an important part of preschool!  These butterfly sensory bags would be great to make with a toddler class…

Butterfly Sensory Bags by Teach Preschool

Or add some fun props to your playdough for your preschoolers to  create their own sparkly, squishy butterflies…

Snack on It!

And after all that butterfly exploration around the classroom, your children will surely enjoy the opportunity to create their own butterfly snack

Butterfly Snack

I hope that these butterfly activities will inspire you as you continue to build on the interests of your own students.  For even more inspiration, please visit our Pinterest board

Butterflies around the classroom by Teach Preschool

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