Fall flower water science

Ways to explore science concepts with flowers for a fun sensory experience!

Yesterday I shared with you how we explored and collected the colors of fall flowers and today I want to share with you our fall flower water science…

Fall flower science by Teach Preschool

After collecting and sorting fall flowers the children brought their cups of flowers back to our indoor classroom to explore the flowers in our large tub of water…

Fall Flower science by Teach Preschool

Making Predictions

We wondered if our flowers would sink or float in our large shallow tub of water and then each child dropped a flower into the water to find out…

Fall flower science by Teach Preschool

Exploring Sink or Float

We were quickly able to see that our flowers would float in the water and so we added the rest of our flowers to the tub…

Fall flower science by Teach Preschool

Exploring Science Concepts

And then we wondered what would make the flowers move around in the water? The children easily answered this question by blowing on the water…

Fall flower science by Teach Preschool

Once all the flowers were added to the water and we explored how to make the flowers move by adding wind to our water, the children were then given time just to freely explore the flowers and water…

Fall flower science by Teach Preschool

Using Real Investigative Tools

We already had our cups and so we added magnifying glasses and tweezers to our exploration of the flowers and water…

Fall flower science by Teach Preschool

There is something peaceful about flowers floating in water and the children’s water play experience also seemed peaceful…

Building Fine Motor Skills

A simple process filled with the exploration of fall colors, sensory water play, with an extra emphasis on fine motor skill development…

A Helpful Hint

Our white tub is actually a plastic tub used to hold a washing machine. We bought it at Home Depot but they are available on Amazon or other hardware type stores. Watch for the one’s with holes or without holes. Ours does not have  a hole and is very light in weight which makes transferring the tub once filled with water or sand kind of tricky!

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Deborah J Stewart

Deborah J Stewart

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