For many, having a yard full of dandelions would be quite the nuisance, but for a class of preschoolers dandelions are a welcomed site!

This year we had more dandelions than I have ever seen surrounding our wooded area so we put all those dandelions to good work in our classroom.

Preparing the Canvases

This was a simple process that began by each child dripping a puddle of paint onto the center of a piece of white corrugated cardboard.

Next, the children added a smaller puddle of glue on top of their paint puddle.

Then the children used a small spoon to mix up their paint and glue.

As the children mixed up their paint and glue, they spread the mixture around the cardboard leaving most of the edges free from paint so they could hold their painted boards when we went outside to hunt for dandelions.

Adding the Dandelions

The children carried their cardboard pallets outside in search of dandelions.

Then they held their dandelions up close to their paint and blew.

The dandelion seeds landed in the paint and we were able to examine how the wind can take seeds from one place to another and spread them out on the ground so new plants would grow.

We set our dandelion blow paintings aside to dry over night and then gently took them home. The dandelion seeds stood up on the paint but I’m not so sure how long they stayed that way once the paintings went home.

A wonderful experience in exploring how seeds are carried from one place to another combined with an interesting art experience!

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