Exploring xylophones in preschool

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I love to collect all sorts of musical instruments and found these wonderful little xylophones (and triangles) at Target in their Dollar Spot last year.

Introducing Xylophones

I introduced the xylophones to the children during our morning circletime.

Each child had their own xylophone to explore and we started by playing a xylophone game together. I called out a color and all the children would find that color and tap it on their xylophone until a new color was called.

Then we played a few simple tunes on our xylophones together and set them aside. The children had plenty of opportunities to explore the xylophones on their own throughout the week.

Exploring Xylophone Science

To extend our xylophone experience, we explored a little xylophone science too. This is a process that I have used often over the years and it is always a big hit! First, I began by setting out five mason jars and a pitcher of water.  We talked about how each jar should have a different amount of water in them so that when we tapped on the sides, they would each have a different sound. The children took turns adding water to our jars.

The children watched closely to help each other estimate how much water should be added to each jar so that there would be a just the right amount in each jar. If it looked like too much water or not enough water was being added, the children would definitely let the others know.

Once we were satisfied that each jar had a different amount of water, we made sure they were all lined up from empty to full and then selected one child to give each jar a little tap so we could hear the sounds of each jar. As the child tapped each jar, we talked about how each jar sounded differently using words like “pitch, higher, lower, more, and less”.

I have seen lots of other bloggers share their versions of water jars and most of them added food color to the water which made lovely displays of colorful water jars to tap.  Had I had the time, I would have added color to our jars too but I must say that the children absolutely loved the process of setting the jars out, filling them up with water, then tapping them (even without the color) so perhaps in the future, we can add the color as a way to add a new step to the process.

Once we had a chance to listen and briefly discuss the sounds of the jars, the children all had a chance to tap the jars together.

Oh my, did the children love tapping those jars. We left the jars out for the children to come back for an individual chance to play the water jars as well.

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Deborah J Stewart

Deborah J Stewart

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