I am always on the look out for unusual items to add to my classroom and recently I picked up two different kinds of magnifiers at a local IAEYC conference I attended.

We have been talking about bugs recently, so I invited the children to draw some of their own bugs and then see how they look underneath a magnifier.

I set out our permanent markers that the children always use (they are starting to dry out now) and white post card sized paper for the children to draw on.

The children spent quite some time drawing “bugs” and perhaps other little objects then putting them underneath magnifier to take a closer look.

One thing we talked about is how you don’t have to put your eyeball directly on the magnifier. And that if you will move the magnifier around on the paper, you can see the objects get large and smaller.

The children are still figuring out how best to use the magnifiers but this was one way to integrate a little drawing into our exploration and use of the magnifiers.

Oh, and this is the other magnifier I found. It actually stands up on a stand and some of the children liked to look through the lens while they drew their bugs.

And one of their favorite things with all the magnifiers was to look at their hands (some of the children came to school with tattoos on their hands).

Both types of magnifiers were a big hit. The children used them all throughout the day and we will continue to use them for other types of exploration as well.

These children are quite the scientists!

Now – why are all those marker lids off? Hmmm…. So that’s why all the markers are drying out!

Am I the only one with a whole bunch of markers and no lids? I wonder where all those lids went?

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