I have seen many bloggers post this simple activity to try with milk and we finally got the opportunity to try it out in our school!

First, you need to gather some milk, food coloring, cotton swabs, and dish washing liquid. Then begin by pouring the milk into a wide, shallow container.

Next, carefully add drops of food color in strategic places around your dish of milk.

Add the drops carefully so they don’t splatter or splash around the dish.

Once you have added the food color – then dip the end of a cotton swab into the dish liquid.

Then touch the dish liquid covered end of the cotton swab to one of the colors of dots.  We started off with one child going at a time but then we tried letting three children go at the same time because once the soap gets into the milk, the color explosion starts to lose it’s flair!

When the soapy end of the cotton swab hits the food color dot in the milk – it spreads out quickly making the color look like it is exploding out. It is a very cool effect to watch.

Once the initial color explosion occurs, we encouraged the children to use their cotton swab to swirl the colors around some more by gently stirring the colors around.

What you need to know is that the milk provides the color white so you can see the blending of the colors. The food color allows you to see what is happening to the soap when it gets into the milk. This is actually a study of soap more than it is anything else but it makes a great study of color blending. Once the soap starts to spread throughout the milk, which happens quickly, it will no longer give a color burst affect. You have to use new milk to see the color burst happen again.

It is truly simple and fun!

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