This week has been all about colors. We have been reviewing all of our colors and having fun with a little color mixing and colorful cotton ball painting in the process.  Today the children spent time exploring and mixing colored water and I got to help out!

To start, we simply put a few drops of food color in the foil cupcake pans or in our cups and then the children added their own water.

Some of the children used these plastic thingys (I don’t know what you call them) to suck up the colored water and squirt it into another color of water.

Other children used their cups to pour the water from cupcake holder to cupcake holder in the foil pans. And yes – we did have a few spills along the way!

We left this whole process completely wide open for the children to explore. Both boys and girls were completely absorbed in the process. When we do an activity like this, we leave it open for play all week long so there will be plenty of opportunity for every child do have a turn!

Oh, and when the water would get too dark or brown – the children would simply dump it in the sink and get some clean water to start all over. And yes, I did a lot of sink cleaning too:)