Sensory Play

From water to sand, slime, shave cream, and seeds – the list of sensory materials you can explore is almost endless. If you would like to read a brief overview about what sensory play is then begin by reading this post : Everyday Sensory Play in Preschool


Here are some of the many ways we explore sensory play...

Pumpkin seed soup

Exploring the wonderful smell of pumpkin spice and feel of pumpkin seeds through the simple water play experience of making pumpkin seed soup!

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Exploring textured water play

When a preschooler is in the “play zone” it is best to let him explore without interruption! Exploring textured water play is just the ticket for getting your child into the play zone!

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One-inch water play

I rarely meet a preschool age child that doesn’t enjoy water play. Although any kind of water play ultimately leads to wet kids, the benefits of water play far outweigh the hassle of mopping up wet floors or changing out wet clothing…

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