For a little waterplay fun, the children whipped up some lid soup…

I am an avid saver of all kinds of lids. I love the colors, the shapes, the sizes and the many, many things you can do with them in the preschool classroom.

There wasn’t much to prepare here. Just add water and lids and some tools for play and you have lid soup.

And no real need for any guidance or instructions. The kids instinctively know how to make their own lid soup as soon as they see the water table all set up for play.

Oh, and don’t be surprised if your students add other ingredients to your lid soup. My students decided to add a few dinosaurs to their soup. I am not sure if the dinosaurs are actually part of the soup or if they just stopped by to take a swim in the water table.

You see, the goal of this process isn’t to define for the children what I think should be fun but rather to give the children tools for play so that they can then apply their own ideas based on what they think is fun!

Whether a child is stacking and balancing lids in a cup, pouring water from a ladle, or giving a dinosaur a bath these types of play are fostering new skills which can also be used in real life situations such as pouring a cup of juice in a cup or scooping up their own snack.

As the children play, they are also focusing, concentrating, communicating, collaborating, and building life skills.

So if you haven’t had lid soup yet, start saving up those lids (or have the kids help you do it) and then step back and observe the kinds of play, learning, and development that is happening as the children play…

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