While I was organizing all the school supplies I keep in my garage, my grandson was running around taking them out to play.

He was particularly interested in the bags of corn seed, rice, and other materials I save for sensory play. So I decided it would be better to join in the play than to keep saying “no” so we set up a textured water play table.

Setting up a Textured Water Play

My grandson has moved past the days of having to put everything in his mouth so I wasn’t worried about him eating our textured water play and once I mixed most of these items in a tub of water, the desire to play and feel the water was far more interesting to my grandson than trying to drink or eat the water.

For our textured water play, I set out four small tubs and in each of the tubs I added a different sensory play material. I used about 1/2 cup (I didn’t measure) of corn seeds, rice, water beads, sand, and added plenty of water for pouring and swishing.

Exploring the Materials

As my grandson explored the materials, I took a few photos but mostly stayed out of his way. My grandson was in the “play zone” and when he gets extremely focused, I have found that it is best that I let him explore without interruption. When he is so completely focused on his play and I do interrupt, he often will either lose interest or will say, “bye Mema!”

Part of his play included adding a few additional toys, pouring and mixing the sensory materials, playing with his elephants or cars in each tub, feeling the material with his hands, and…

Checking out the water beads that fell down to the ground.

A fun and interesting exploration of texture, sensory, and water all wrapped into one afternoon of the play zone!

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