Are you the only one washing tables in your classroom?

One of my students’ favorite ways to help around the classroom is cleaning off the tables before snack time. I could just give them a bottle of water to spray but it doesn’t actually help clean the tables before snack. I can’t let the children pick up a bottle of store-bought cleaner or use anything with warning labels on the back that say, “keep out of reach from children.” So, I need safer alternatives.

Luckily, I haven’t had to look far. Miss Lauren gave me the perfect solution. Miss Lauren introduced me to an essential oil-based cleaner that is safe to be used around children. Plus, it smells great and has many other benefits for our students other than just purifying the classroom surfaces. It’s called the Thieves Household Cleaning Concentrate and it is offered by a company called Young Living.


All I do is dilute a capful of the concentrate into a spray bottle and fill the rest with water. Now when my students ask to help clean the tables I can hand them a paper towel and a bottle of Thieves Cleaner and not have to worry about it! Plus, they love being able to physically walk through the whole process of cleaning.

If you have more questions about the Thieves Cleaner you can contact Miss Lauren through this email:

Young Living also has an entire kit made up of the Thieves cleaning products that you can use all around your classroom. I just invested in one myself! It’s at a discounted rate and you are eligible to receive money off every purchase after you sign up. You can find a link to that option here:

If you would like to make a free account and purchase this product at retail price today, you can click this link (just know you won’t receive the savings off of future purchases):

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